Wagile Gates

What is Wagile?

Fragile is a hybrid new product development (NPD) process. Wagile balances the structure of a traditional, waterfall system with the iterative and customer-focused nature of an Agile development process (like Scrum). The Wagile philosophy emphasizes moving fast while practicing discipline and understanding risks. Wagile uses both stages of work and gates as checkpoints for product innovation.

Wagile Gates

Gate reviews in NPD are predominant in traditional waterfall processes, like Bob Cooper’s Stage-Gate™ system. Gate reviews serve as checkpoints to gauge completion of work-to-date and a plan for future project work. In practice, there should be no surprises at a gate review and the cross-functional team that approves the go-forward plan should understand the scope, schedule, and budget well before the formal meeting.

Entry and Exit Gates

Entry gates are a pet peeve of mine. The entry gate is approved simply by showing that work on the previous stage is complete. That’s a great accomplishment for the team, but what matters more for innovation is whether the go-forward plan makes sense.

The Wagile Gate Sequence

Wagile gates are designed as exit gates, to ensure go-forward work will advance product innovation and the overall product portfolio. The following lists the Wagile gates and the expected outcome of each decision.

Using Wagile Gates

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Teresa Kowal

Teresa Kowal

I tackle life with an infusion of rigor, zeal, and faith. My passion is innovation and helping others improve their new product development ecosystems.