Conversations for Innovation Leaders

Why Do We Innovate?

The “why” of innovation is the easiest question of all. We need new products and services to compete in a global marketplace. Our customers demand new features and technologies. Manufacturing becomes more automated and offers new approaches to serving the needs of customers. Competition is accelerating.

How Do We Innovate?

The question of how we innovate is a different discussion. Some people are deeply wedded to particular processes or frameworks. Especially for risk-averse organizations, the “how” of new product development (NPD) can become rigid and bureaucratic.

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What to innovate?

With appropriate customer feedback and market research, we know what products to design and develop. Market research should include prioritization of customer needs and benefit analysis of all features. Sometimes it is best to launch a brand-new, full-featured product for a target market segment. Other times, we choose to commercialize minimally viable products (MVP) and then release next generation products over a subsequent time frame.


Really the “who” of innovation is twofold. First, we have the “for whom do we innovate” and next, we have the “who does innovation”. Each portion of the “who” of innovation complements the other.

Innovation Conversations

Innovation is a dialogue — with your customers, with your teams, with the marketplace. All conversations involve the questions of why, how, what, and who. In NPD, the most important question is who. Always put your customer needs at the forefront and you will be successful with innovation.

Don’t Know How?

About Me

I am inspired by writing, teaching, and coaching. I tackle life with an infusion of rigor, zeal, and faith. It brings me joy to help you build innovation leaders. Teresa Jurgens-Kowal is an experienced innovation professional with a passion for lifelong learning with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Computer and Information Decision Making. My credentials include PE (State of Louisiana), NPDP, PMP®, and CPEM, and I am a DiSC® certified facilitator. Contact me at or area code 281 + phone 787–3979 for more information on coaching for entrepreneurs and innovators.



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Teresa Kowal

Teresa Kowal


I tackle life with an infusion of rigor, zeal, and faith. My passion is innovation and helping others improve their new product development ecosystems.