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I have recently been studying a text on Operations Management. Innovation is an element of all operations and as product development professionals, our knowledge must be wide as well as deep. I have also been reading a book…

Water. We all need water to stay alive. When we become dehydrated, our minds get fuzzy and our bodies collapse. Water is a fundamental component of life and we must continually take it to survive.

Creativity is like the water of innovation. A company cannot survive if it does not…

A famous quote by Eisenhower tells us that we should plan well but know that our plans will be disrupted. Planning includes creating a set of activities, tasks, and milestones to achieve specific goals and objectives. …

According to, the origin of the word “competition” is Latin, around 1600 AD. One definition is “a contest for some prize, honor, or advantage”. Another definition is “the act of competing; rivalry for supremacy”. …

Our society values efficiency. We use drive-through banking and automatic light switches to save time and energy. Operations managers measure task efficiency to increase production with reduced labor and materials inputs.

But how does “efficiency” impact innovation? Is efficiency a positive metric that drives customer satisfaction? …

Most of the time when we think about innovation, we think about product innovation. We think of new technologies (including hardware and devices), gadgets, widgets and “stuff”, in general. Certainly, product innovation is important as we can simplify work tasks and build systems that operate more efficiently with increased production.

I think we can all agree — with a giant sigh of relief — that 2020 is behind us. Yet, to succeed with personal and professional growth, we must look ahead. What will 2021 bring for you?

While I believe that some world events and forces engulf us in ever-growing…

Over my career, I have been rewarded by many interesting conversations about innovation. These discussions have covered the full gamut of why, how, and what. I think, though, the most important question is who.

Why Do We Innovate?

The “why” of innovation is the easiest question of all. We need new products and services…

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When I started working as an independent innovation management consultant, I initially focused on helping companies design and implement the right system. …

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For several weeks we have been discussing the Wagile product development process.

· Wagile Philosophy

· Wagile Roles

· Wagile Stages

· Wagile Gates

· Wagile Tools

· Wagile Activities

Wagile is a hybrid project management process…

Teresa Kowal

I tackle life with an infusion of rigor, zeal, and faith. My passion is innovation and helping others improve their new product development ecosystems.

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